Coast Salish Journeys (Sliammon First Nation)
Join Bella Terra and Coast Salish Journeys on an enlightening excursion of cultural discovery into the past and present of the Sliammon First Nation. Travel through Sliammon's traditional territory like the members of the Nation have done for thousands of years, using the same campsites and travel routes. Visit the clam beaches the Elders talk about. Collect oysters, fish and use the natural resources available for tools and shelter. The ancient legends and stories are followed with which the traditional knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. During your travels archaeological sites like canoe skids, fish traps, culturally modified trees, pictographs and more will be explored. The lively discussion with your native guide will transport you into history, into the past before and after First Contact. Tours from 2 hours to multiple days are offered for every level of physical fitness. Photo: Sliammon Elder Mary George, preparing salmon for a traditional BBQ.

Sliammon Elder Mary George preparing salmon for a traditional Coast Salish Barbeque
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